Connect Square and Maralytics for all marketing performance results.

Enjoy a software platform that tracks, measures and reports all sales and customer results across all marketing activities, so you can maximise your marketing budget.

Maralytics helps business make sure that every dollar spend on advertising generates more revenue for the business.

It is a cloud-based marketing analytics solution that helps you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

It will assist you in launching smarter and more effective marketing campaigns that are based on actual data, thereby eliminating the need for any guesswork.

This enables you to focus on spending only on what works and what succeeds, eventually leading you to increase your return on investment.

Improve all your marketing campaigns by getting actual real results and get these benefits:

Successful Strategies

Launch smarter and more effective marketing campaigns

Accurate Data

Sales from any marketing campaign are directly imported to the platform

Improved ROI

Focus on spending marketing dollars only on what works and what succeeds

Profitable Marketing Dollar Spend

more customers and sales for the same or less investment

Why connect Maralytics to Square?

Capture all data accurately and exactly.  The platform displays your sales, profit, ROI, costs and customer results.  These are the only results that really matter in business, as they are directly linked to your cashflow and business performance.

When you have this data, you can make marketing decisions much easier, get more sales and customers, for a reduced marketing dollar spend.

The key benefits of connecting Square with Maralytics include:

Profit per campaign.

View profitablity of every campaign by autmatically calculating sales and costs.

Customer acquisition per campaign.

View customer results that are directly linked to every sales transaction

Customised date reports.

All reports can be viewed as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly. or as a date range of your choice.

Multiple types of campaigns.

All digital, online, offline, and traditional marketing activity can be tracked and measured.

Sales activity per campaigns.

All sales activity including revenue, profit, ROI%, average sales per customer, profit per customer, can be viewed in the platform.

Cost per campaign reports.

View all costs accrued by a single or multiple marketing campaign.

Comparison reports.

All reports can be viewed by type of channel, offer of campaign, and you can display individual or multiple campaigns.

Accurate data.

Every transaction from your POS is imported.

Dashboard reports.

View any type of report from the dashboard.

Download your data.

All data can be downloaded into a CSV or PDF file.

Make fast decisions.

With all information available in real-time, you can decide easily with real facts.

About Square?

  • Square Point of Sale is a mobile POS system available for iOS and Android devices.
  • It’s the customisable POS system built for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
  • Key capabilities of the Square POS system include online payment processing, sales reports, inventory tracking, digital receipts, Square marketing campaigns, eCommerce, insights/analytics, and automatically syncs across your online store and POS.
  • Square makes it easy to sell in person, online, over the phone or on the go. It’s simple to use, and there’s no training needed.

Get Started

It is easy to get started!

Simply securely connect your Square account with Maralytics, and all campaign results will automatically and instantly imported.

What Maralytics does

Maralytics is a software program that tracks, measures and reports on sales revenue and customer acquisition for all types of marketing activities, so you can maximise your marketing budget.


All your marketing campaigns in one place – digital, online, offline, traditional.

Create your campaigns using email marketing, YouTube ads, social media, blogging, display ads, promotions, podcasting, PPC, competitions, loyalty programmes, radio, TV, flyers, newspaper ads, and more.

Any type of marketing campaign that you do to attract customers.


Easily know where every sale comes from using our simple one-step tracking system.

Every customer that purchases from your business has come from somewhere.

Using Maralytics, you can pin point exactly where every sale dollar comes from.


There are so many different types of reports that can be displayed in the platform. Using filters, you can focus on profit, sales, ROI, or drill down into customer acquistion details.

Compare date ranges for one type of campaign, or do comparison reports for several to see if one channel is more effective than another.

You can also display all your campaigns.

What Square does

Square is the customisable POS system built for businesses of all shapes and sizes and connects perfectly with Maralytics.

It is easy to use (for everyone)

It’s simple to set up your point of sale system and keep track of sales – and even simpler for team members to use it.

Customise to perfection

Adjust your point of sale system to speed up your checkout, add locations and employees quickly and connect third-party apps that you know and already use.

Powerful, free analytics

With customisable, real-time reports, you can easily see what’s selling best, what your busiest hours are and who your stand-out best team members are.

Built to treat your customers like VIPs

With fast checkout, automatically created customer profiles and loyalty programs, every customer leaves happy.

Sell wherever your customers are

Square makes it easy to sell in person, online, over the phone or on the go. It’s simple to use, and there’s no training needed.

Flexibility meets scalability

It’s simple to add new locations, team members and devices. It’s all synced in your dashboard so you can see what’s happening everywhere, from anywhere.

Already have an account with Maralytics and Square?