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Discover productivity hacks to optimize your work and marketing efforts, from establishing a daily routine to fine-tuning your strategies. Learn how training your brain with consistent routines can enhance your workflow and the importance of analyzing your efforts to avoid investing in unproductive activities. Additionally, understand the crucial role of rest, beyond just sleep, in maintaining your capacity to solve problems, lead a team, and grow your business.
Miriam van Heusden is a finalist in the Gold Coast Women in Business Awards of Australia 2022, for the Innovation, Technology & Research category. Founder of Maralytics, a unique SaaS software born from her extensive hospitality background, Miriam’s award-winning solution helps businesses optimize marketing ROI. As a finalist, her recognition underscores the value of her industry expertise, showcased through Maralytics and her dedication to empowering businesses with effective marketing strategies.

Discover Maralytics, a revolutionary SAS software transforming the way businesses analyse and track their marketing ROI. Join Toni Lontis as she dives into the world of Maralytics with founder Miriam, a best-selling author and seasoned hospitality professional. Learn how Maralytics automates tracking, provides actionable insights, and revolutionizes business decision-making, ensuring a clear view of their return on investment.

Unlock the power of consumer psychology with marketing expert Miriam Van Heusden’s insights on boosting conversions. Learn how simple principles, such as Solomon Asch’s conformity and the reciprocity test, can influence customer behaviour without a psychology degree. Discover the keys to creating trust through customer understanding and consistency, and track the success of your strategies with data analytics using tools like Maralytics for continuous business innovation.

Uncover the secrets to transforming your business marketing with a strategic, four-step system. Dive into the intricacies of categorizing and organizing your marketing efforts, identifying each step of your funnel, and assigning clear ownership. With a focus on tracking results and continuous improvement, learn how to confidently navigate the ups and downs of your marketing performance, inching closer to your business goals with a systematic approach.

Discover the shocking reality: nearly two-thirds of people use the same password across multiple websites, leaving their online existence vulnerable to cyber attacks. Learn essential tips to safeguard your digital life, from employing robust antivirus protection to adopting secure password practices and staying vigilant against phishing scams. Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with practical advice on securing your devices, managing online accounts, and navigating the complex world of digital privacy.

Elevate your social media game with humour! Discover the transformative power of laughter in boosting your posts’ shareability, meme magic, and memorability. Uncover five compelling reasons to infuse humour into your content and witness how it turns ordinary posts into memorable, relatable, and even sales-driven brand narratives.

 Is your business equipped to weather a catastrophe? In the wake of recent global events, the importance of disaster preparedness has never been more critical. Explore the key elements of a robust disaster recovery strategy, from defining your vision and establishing emergency protocols to succession planning and cultivating strong leadership. Ensure the survival and continuity of your business by taking proactive steps today.

Maximize your graphic design collaboration with expert tips from Miriam van Heusden, founder of Maralytics. Explore the crucial aspects of effective communication and collaboration with graphic designers, including the importance of visual examples, defining project needs, and providing constructive feedback. Discover the key elements to ensure a successful partnership and bring your creative ideas to life.

Unlock the power of connection in marketing, focusing on the three additional P’s: People, Purpose, and Passion. Learn how cultivating relationships and fostering two-way conversations are essential for effective advertising, steering away from the traditional four P’s. Discover the human elements that lead to genuine connections and explore the impact of incorporating these elements into your marketing strategy for lasting success in a world driven by meaningful interactions.

Embark on the daunting journey of starting over in business with resilience and purpose. Discover invaluable insights and courage in facing the challenges of a new beginning, as this article offers five indispensable tips for success. From setting specific goals and crafting a meticulous plan to building a robust support system and staying adaptable, learn how to navigate the unpredictable terrain of entrepreneurship and emerge stronger from every setback.

Discover the transformative journey of Miriam van Heusden, a seasoned restaurant owner turned marketing trailblazer. Uncover the origins of Maralytics, the groundbreaking SaaS software she created to revolutionize the hospitality industry. With Maralytics, marketers can effortlessly measure the ROI of every campaign, empowering them to optimize budgets, maximize leads, and ignite a new era of accountability in the world of marketing.

Revolutionize your marketing strategy with Miriam van Heusden’s proven four-step accountability approach. Explore the transformative power of taking ownership, addressing weaknesses, integrating new tools, and precise measurement to elevate your marketing campaigns. Gain invaluable insights from Maraytics, the innovative software platform designed by an analytics expert, empowering entrepreneurs to optimize ROI and navigate the dynamic marketplace with strategic precision.

Embark on the roller-coaster journey of a female founder, Miriam Scott, CEO of Maralytics, as she shares the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Discover the untold challenges women face in the startup world, from lack of confidence to the myth of age barriers. Gain valuable insights and learn how dedicated mentorship can pave the way for success, making the entrepreneurial roller-coaster a thrilling ride for all.

Discover Maralytics, the groundbreaking software platform developed by Miriam van Heusden, a former restaurant owner turned entrepreneur. Unleash the power of precise marketing analytics that transcends industry boundaries, providing a comprehensive view of every campaign’s performance, whether traditional or digital. Maralytics revolutionizes how businesses track, analyze, and optimize marketing efforts, offering unparalleled insights and flexibility, making it an indispensable tool for profit-driven growth in any sector.

Nathan Aherne’s journey in “Boost Your Marketing ROI,” a captivating book by Miriam van Heusden that explores innovative marketing strategies. Aherne’s testimonial highlights the power of unique live videos as a distinctive approach to building connections and expanding your online audience. Join the conversation on people-centric marketing and gain insights from Aherne’s featured success in this insightful read.

The transformative role accountants played during the pandemic and the evolving challenges they face in a post-crisis world. As businesses strive to rebuild, accountants must shift from traditional compliance services to become catalysts for change, offering vital support, advice, and innovative solutions. Learn how a blend of technology and offshore services can enhance value, and explore real-world examples showcasing the profound impact accountants can have on clients’ lives, from managing virtual finance functions to maximizing R&D claims and fostering open client communication.

Empowering stories of seven remarkable Australian mumpreneurs navigating the dynamic intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship. Amid debates over the term ‘mumpreneur,’ these women from various industries share their challenges and triumphs, proving that being a mum and running a successful business is not just a possibility but a source of strength and inspiration. Join the Women’s Business Collective’s AusMumpreneur Awards finalists as they redefine the narrative, demonstrating that resilience, creativity, and flexibility are essential ingredients for balancing family, business, and personal growth in the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship.

 Unveiling the journey from restaurant management to tech entrepreneurship, delve into Miriam Van Heusden’s inspiring story on the latest podcast episode with Nicola Steele. Miriam, the founder of Maralytics, a groundbreaking marketing performance program, shares her transition from tracking results in the travel and restaurant industries to developing innovative software that revolutionizes marketing analytics for businesses. Join the conversation on the Spotlight Series, where Miriam discusses the challenges, successes, and the pivotal role Maralytics plays in optimizing sales revenue and customer acquisition.

The inspiring journey of Miriam van Heusden, founder and CEO of Maralytics, as she transforms her frustrations as a restaurant owner into a groundbreaking solution for marketing analytics. A finalist in the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards, Miriam’s passion lies in empowering fellow business owners with innovative software, providing them with the tools and insights needed to enhance performance and achieve success while maintaining a healthy work-family balance. Dive into her story of perseverance, digital innovation, and the drive to revolutionize the marketing industry.

Secrets of successful restaurant marketing with insights from Miriam, founder of Analytics—a cutting-edge software for hospitality businesses. Join the conversation as Miriam shares her journey from restaurant ownership to creating a revolutionary tracking tool. Discover the power of AI menus, Google My Business, and other platforms in activating effective marketing campaigns, and gain valuable tips on streamlining business strategies for optimal results in this exclusive Your Social Chef interview with Mark Khoder.

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