Powerful tools to track, analyse, measure
and manage your marketing activities in your business


Track your marketing with Maralytics

Tracking what is and isn't working in your marketing efforts often gets neglected in the day to day running of your business. Do you know if your wasting your money? We make it easy to find out!

Here are some good reasons why your business would benefit from using Maralytics:

• Easy to assess the effectiveness of all types of marketing opportunities

• Automatically and accurately calculates exact return-on-investment for all marketing and advertising activities

• Reports can be tailored to produce informational outcomes in multiple formats

• More control of marketing campaigns, customer service delivery expectations and ability to amplify your point of difference

• Increase the impact of market reach, customer attraction and retention, and profit margins for every marketing campaign

• Provides real-time market dollar spend value and ability to make decisions immediately

• Ability to forecast and pinpoint where future marketing spend should be targeted

Maralytics’ cloud-based software integrates with multiple software systems providing target audience customers with exact ROI results across comprehensive marketing activities.

This data assists operators to:

  1. increase their ROI
  2. realise their actual dollar spend value
  3. forecast and pinpoint where future spend should be targeted, and
  4. how it should be targeted.

Implementing the Maralytics software increases the impact of marketing campaigns directly affecting:

  1. cashflow
  2. market reach
  3. customer attraction and retension
  4. profit margins

Decision makers have more control of their targeted marketing campaigns, customer service delivery expectations and amplifying their point of difference.

Maralytics Hubsite has other sister businesses that support business operations for hospitality owners in running their venue.

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Maralytics tracking software provides accurate results for sales revenue and customer acquisition, ensuring that your businesses advertising spend achieves the best possible Return-On-Investment.


The cloud based software program integrates with many types of software systems to give your business exact ROI results for any type of marketing activity.


It is the only marketing tracking system that is automated.


One click and your results are captured to the Maralytics analytic system and you can see the reports for all your advertising – sales, customers, advertising spend and return-on-investment details.

It can also compare different types of campaign results or date ranges.  Your business can now have full details of all marketing activities in real-time.


With accurate results, you can see which of your business’s advertising campaigns are working and which are not. Having access to this valuable information will allow you to make informed decisions on where best to focus your advertising dollar. This will save you money, time and effort and a produce a better return on investment.

Maralytics is the only automated system that can give you the exact results of your campaigns.


Business Manuals Made Easy has operational manuals to make it easier to run your hospitality business.



When you have a restaurant or cafe; your dream is to be the king or queen of your castle, and make money and have freedom to do what you want.



Benefits of having manuals in your business:

More money for you:

  • Valuable asset when selling your business
  • Clarity of business requirements
  • Increase workplace , team & staff effectiveness
  • Reduce your wages costs
  • Reduce your food and wastage costs
  • Provide consistency of workflow

More time for you:

  • Provide structure, systems and information to your team
  • Make ready policies, procedures, tasks and checklists
  • Standardized processes
  • Easy delegation of tasks
  • Clear communication with staff & expectations
  • Increase performance of your staff
  • Improve consistency of operations
  • Maximise potentials of the business
  • Business becomes automated


So, have your business operate the way you dreamed it would be. 


Happy staff, happy customers, and your register ringing constantly with the sound of lots of sales!!


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Training workshops for the business owner to learn and implement strategies to improve business performance and revenue.


At Gold Coast Training Workshops, we provide a fun environment where you learn practical skills that are necessary to run your business and where you can implement these strategies directly into your business in a supervised classroom setting.


When you finish the workshop, you understand exactly what to do and how you can continue to do this for yourself and use them in your business operations.


As a business owner, it is important to learn strategies to run your business. These workshops are an opportunity for you to work ‘on’ your business.


Once you have learnt the knowledge, then if you love it, it can be something that you do as a business owner.


Or, if your skills are elsewhere, then you have the knowledge for what is important in your business and you can have someone else do this for you. You will know exactly what you want them to do, and be effective at managing this part of your business.

Workshop briefs are on the website, so you can see exactly what the topic is about, and the outcome that will be achieved in the session. 

Workshops slides and any materials will be uploaded for unlimited viewing for members of our programs, click here to find out more.


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