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Regale Restaurant and Bar Case Study


Maralytics prides itself as a game-changer, an enabler, and a breakthrough tool for the many sectors that it serves. While many see this as intimidating, there is one philosophy that Maralytics follows to its core and that is, simple is better.

Before Regale Restaurant and Bar, a 150-seater restaurant located at the lobby of a prestigious hotel in Australia, started using Maralytics; they were busy managing different marketing promos and activities. They were running more campaigns than their marketing and operations teams could handle, and all the work needed, got too challenging to sustain and monitor. The breaking point for Regale Restaurant and Bar was finding out, after almost one season of being “busy“, that there was no real ROI from all their marketing campaigns!

During the initial consultation, it was identified that this business aimed to attract more customers during the lean months. Now with a clear goal, the Maralytics team emphasized that by launching many marketing promos and campaigns at the same time doesn’t always guarantee ROI. Businesses need to understand customer wants and behaviors. And most of the time, information about their customers is already available, only if they know how to analyze the data that is right there in front of them – right in their POS machines!

After one full season of using Maralytics, Regale Restaurant and Bar was able to track how their customers spent money in their restaurant. They identified what delighted their customers and what made them come back. With Maralytics, they were able to increase their customer base off-season to 45%! They were also able to spend less marketing budget by doing fewer promotions – only activating those that truly resonated to their target market! Indeed, simple is better. 

Just like Regale and our other happy customers, your business can leverage on the analytics gathered by your POS.

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