About Maralytics

Maralytics tracking software provides accurate results to ensure that your business’s advertising spend achieves the best possible Return on Investment

Maralytics is the only marketing tracking system that is automated!

Our cloud based software program integrates with many types of software systems to give your business exact ROI results for any type of marketing activity.

Just one click and your results are captured to the Maralytics analytic system and you can see the reports for all your advertising

  • sales,
  • customers,
  • advertising spend
  • return-on- investment details.

Maralytics can also compare different types of campaign results or date ranges.

Your business can now have 100% accurate details of all marketing activities in real-time so that you can tailor your campaigns to exactly what the your business is advertising.

By having accurate results, you can see what advertising campaigns are doing so they can continue and grow, or be discarded due to not working.

This saves your business money, time and effort by providing accurate information enabling you to be able to make important business decisions that affect your return on investment.

Maralytics is the only automated system that can give you the exact results of your campaigns

There is no other marketing analytics tracking software available that can do this.