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Our Product

Create profitable marketing campaigns that don’t rely on guesswork. Maralytics is a complete, automated marketing solution that gets data straight from your POS, giving you real-time, reliable figures; or you can upload your own results. Either way, you have the ability to spend your marketing dollars more effectively across top-performing channels, boost your results, and invest in high-performing future campaigns.

Our Vision

It is our aim to create and offer an affordable cloud-based solution for businesses in the retail and hospitality industries. We hope to help small businesses to double their returns from their investment in their POS system by adding not just a marketing analytics feature, but a means to expand its functionality and promote growth. This enables them to establish their brand to get more customers by developing smarter marketing campaigns where accurate information increases their Return on Investment.

Our Founder's Story

Miriam van Heusden is the founder and CEO of Maralytics. She is a restaurateur, a business coach, a certified professional vocational trainer, a food and travel consultant, and an outdoor adventure lover!

Miriam’s journey to creating Maralytics began when she was looking for a way to make use of all the information she was getting from her restaurants’ POS. Not many restaurant owners were able to realize it at that time, but Miriam knew that information is gold, and all this was just right in front of her – in her POS machine.

This information describes customer behavior, markettrends, and feedback about the promotional activities in her restaurants. If there was a way to extract this data from these POS machines, then Miriam knew that she is off to make better and smarter business decisions around her business.

Miriam has dedicated the last five years in pooling a team of developers, and together, they created the Maralytics’ prototype. After passing the beta testing phases done by several small businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Maralytics is now set to take the food and beverage, hospitality, travel, and retail sectors by storm!


Our Team

We are a growing team of marketers, business owners, project managers, software developers, and creatives – spread out across different continents! This allows us to have a global mindset with an eye for various industries in many locations. We work 100% remote and is highly agile! We are a powerful business force but we always maintain a humble, hardworking, and creative attitude towards business allowing us to focus on quality customer service above all.

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