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Hospitality Training

HOSPITALITY TRAINING Every business in the hospitality sector knows about training, as it is a constant requirement of daily operations. Hospitality managers are recruiting regularly, and having to train new staff into the culture and procedures of their venue, whether that new team member is very experienced, has some experience, or none at all. It costs a lot of time, money and energy for training, and the manager needs to make sure that they hire the right person that will stay in the job. Managers need to have a good recruitment strategy for hiring new staff, so they get the
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Hospitality Courses

HOSPITALITY COURSES The training industry has a multitude of hospitality courses available for accredited training for the hospitality industry, which are available for domestic and international students. As a manager of a hospitality business, whether it is a café, restaurant, tavern, hotel, bar, entertainment, facility or any other type of food business, it is daunting to know where to start or what is suitable for your business. Training organisation sales representatives or business development managers can seem like a shark hovering around your venue, as they see opportunities, but are not always clear in their communication, and it can see
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