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As one of our affiliate companies, we collaborate with Business Manuals Made Easy to provide a complete suite of manuals and other helpful resource materials to support the needs and goals of our customers whether they are in the hospitality, retail, food, and other related industries.

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Whether you’re just starting out with your restaurant or café or if you’ve been in the industry for some time, it is always important to have documentation for your operations. Not only is it required for lawful compliance, but having policies, systems, processes, and procedures in place make it easier to run your hospitality business.

Business Manuals Made Easy (BMME) can provide you with documentation that will suit both your general and specific needs. with professional insights backed by experience in the industry.

With our manuals, expect to get benefits for your operations, and even for your Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Save up on money through efficient spending.
  • Improve workplace, team, and staff effectiveness through guided, consistent workflows.
  • Hit the ground running with ready-made policies, structures, and operational processes.
  • Remove the hassles of guesswork with more clarity on compliant business requirements.
  • Possess updated operations, as well as training documents with the latest industry information.

We have manuals that suit your specific requirements, as well as a complete, comprehensive collection.

Operations Manual

Exceed ideals on the many different areas of operating a café or restaurant. Learn how to effectively manage food, suppliers, staff, customers, money, finance, marketing, administration, operations, maintenance and systems. Run everything smoothly with this comprehensive manual. 

Staff Management Manual

An efficient staff makes for equally consistent operations. Improve and maximize your staff’s output by running them through better Codes of Conduct and Standard Work Performances, workplace ethics and best practices, as well as preparing them for management aspects of your business through training and work performance reviews.

Workplace Health & Safety Manual

Ensure that your employees and your customers are in a safe working environment. Put up and have in place proper Workplace Health and Safety procedures for your restaurant, cafe or any hospitality business. Safety procedures to help you create and maintain a safety by utilizing Certificate and Staff training registers, WHS induction training checklists, Hazard, Safety and Security Awareness Procedures, and a whole lot more.

Coffee Standard Operating Procedures Manual

Running a restaurant or a café that serves coffee may be common, but with this manual, learn how to boost your operating knowledge to exceptional industry standards.

Food Safety Program Manual

Maintain a well-thought-out Food Safety Program in your hospitality business to ensure remarkable food compliancy. Run a Food Safety Awareness program, Food Safety Supervisor training, while keeping up-to-par with Australian Food Standards.

Liquor Licence Manual

Master how to effectively obtain and retain liquor license requirements for hospitality business that serve alcohol. You’ll also RSA & RMLV certificates, House Policy examples, standard drinks guides, and a whole lot more.

Get the Entire Collection

Make life easier for you and your staff and purchase our entire hospitality manuals collection in one transaction. Run your businesses a great deal easier with each of our manuals, from Operations, Staff Management, Workplace Safety, Food Safety, Liquor Licensing, and Coffee Standard Operating Procedures.

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As the situation develops, you may follow us to get updates on how we can assist hospitality businesses to recover from the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

As the situation develops, you may follow us to get updates on how we can assist hospitality businesses to recover from the disruptions caused by COVID-19.