Profiling workshop - find out your strengths and weaknesses

We cover various profiling techniques in this workshop, that you will actively participate and find out:
• what is your personality type and what kind of job position you are suited to?
• how you naturally behave in different environments, and why you thrive in some situations and not in others?
• what is the best way you learn?
• how emotionally intelligent you are?

In this workshop, we go through all these profiling techniques, so you can really get to know who you are or how to get the best results out of the people in your life, whether they are your family, friends or employees.

This is a really fun, interactive session, and you will benefit is so many different areas of your life, and this becomes a lifelong skill that you will easily and always be able to use.

Maralytics and Gold Coast Training Workshops partner together to give business operators the best possibility of succeeding in their business for all requirements of marketing online.

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