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Gold Coast Training Workshops

Training workshops for the business owner to learn and implement strategies to improve business performance and revenue.

We provide a fun environment where you learn practical skills that are necessary to run your business and where you can implement these strategies directly into your business in a supervised classroom setting.

When you finish the workshop, you understand exactly what to do and how you can continue to do this for yourself and use them in your business operations.

Our workshops cover topics like digital marketing, leadership and management techniques.

Every workshop is a topic that is complete as an individual subject.

This topic is pulled apart and dissected, so you understand every concept about it, and will learn where it fits into the bigger picture of business.

Each workshop is interactive with activities and group discussions; and the theory supports all learning, so they are very interactive and you feel involved with the whole process.

The trainer and fellow classmates provide feedback, suggestions and recommendations and this is highly valuable, as you get multiple points of view, which will achieve better results for your business.

Increasing quality business processes, customer acquisition and revenue is the focus of all workshops.

Here are some of our workshops that are currently in our calendar.

Click on any of them to go to the website and see the next scheduled event.

Miriam Scott
Miriam Scott
Gold Coast Training Workshops - Director and Lead Course Facilitator