With a lot of numbers and not enough insight, it’s the ongoing predicament of business owners struggling to find out whether there advertising is making them a profit.

The Overall Goal Marketers Should Know

A marketer’s goal is to take a targeted lead and transform them not only into a great customer, but an advocate for your brand; to do this, marketers need to understand how many leads a sales team can actually close, and how quickly and efficiently they can get those qualified opportunities from one end of the funnel to the other.


Engagement tactics like personalisation and customized experiences are how marketers – and in turn sales teams – create value for prospects across their entire customer lifecycle.


Specifically, did a certain strategy or tactic lead to business outcomes like increased ROI or customer retention? It requires going much deeper than looking at the number of leads or clicks to understand how to move the needle on closing deals, retaining customers and growing revenue.

Obtaining Customer Relationships

When you nurture customer relationships and those customers are successful with you, that benefits both parties — keeping customers for the long haul and reducing churn. And once a customer is invested in this long-term relationship, customers not only renew contracts more often, but expand their accounts and sign on for longer contracts.

To conclude, when you consider your target customer to be everyone, it’s really no one.


This blog was inspired by Paul Talbot from Forbes- forbes.com


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