What are the different places to advertise?

There are plenty of different places to advertise your restaurant.

But which one is the best way?

All of them!

When promoting your business, it is always good to market across multiple different ways so that you can be in front of many people. Customers will see your brand and will become familiar with it and learn to trust it when they see it many times.

Making sure that you always have the same logo and/or your business name provides brand awareness. And you can use the same offer in as many different places as you can.

Here are some good examples of advertising your restaurant:

  • Local newspapers
  • Senior newspapers
  • Shopping centre newsletters
  • Local newsletters
  • School newsletters
  • Coupon promotions
  • Local sports club sponsorships
  • School sponsorships
  • Competitions
  • Networking events
  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram posts
  • Australian Good Food Guide / Zomato
  • Entertainment book
  • Local tourist guide books
  • Kids activity voucher books
  • Shopper dockets
  • Bartercard
  • Groupon
  • Joint ventures with other businesses
  • Newsletters to your customers via a mailing list

By advertising in many of these places, you get to capture a large customer audience, which means you will get more people coming to your restaurant and spending their dollars with you.

The best way to keep track of what and where you want to advertise is your marketing plan.

Every business needs to have a marketing plan or record of details.

This document will keep a record of what you are doing, so it doesn’t need to stay in your head, and is easily forgotten.

The types of information that you want to have on your document are:

  • which platform you are using
  • dates of when you sign up and length of campaign
  • how often you are required to update
  • amount of costs
  • contact details
  • details of promotion

When you are starting out with advertising; there are so many different ways you can advertise your restaurant.

It is so easy to forget what you have signed up for, and there are those sneaky ones that say you have agreed, but really you didn’t; but you don’t remember anything about it and pay anyway. I remember having this in my first three months of business, and the following year I knew to completely avoid these scams. It is easy to fall prey too, as running a restaurant is very time consuming, and with no organisation in this area, it is easy to lose money very quickly.

What to do once you’ve got your marketing plan written down.

Your marketing plan is a working document. You always want to keep track of where you are advertising and how much money you are spending on these campaigns.

Once you are comfortable with this procedure, the next step is to starting getting the analytics or return-on-investment for the money you spend.

Maralytics is a software program that does this for you, without having to do any calculations, and is 100% accurate.

You can do reports on each type of campaign, do comparison reports, and date range reports, so you can look at whatever information that you want to find out about each type of advertising campaign.

Maralytics takes care of all the inaccuracies, estimates and errors out of manually using a sales tracking spreadsheet. It is also free to try it out.

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