Using Facebook to promote your business

In hospitality, we’re in the business of socialising, looking for new customers and staying in touch with those who’ve already visited. So it makes sense to join a group that has more than 1 billion socially active members that are on Facebook.

 Set up a Facebook Group for your business

Starting a Group in the name of your business is as easy as point and click. Add your business name, address and website. Add some photos and upload the logo to use as your badge. Ideally, make it an open group that anyone can join – it’s just like allowing almost anyone into your cafe or bar. You can always remove them if they are too ‘noisy’ – you’re the boss. Promote your Profile and your company Group on the business website and in your email newsletter. Mention it in printed material: ‘We’re on Facebook – just search for Cafe Troppo and join the Group.’

Upload and share photos

You can add an almost unlimited number of pictures and albums. You can add comments to the pictures or the names of people. You can also mention and share the photos with a web link or by e-mail.

Promote your Events

To add events to your Business Profile page, use a service like Upcoming which promotes your events to a wider event, then add a ‘feed’ of this information on your Profile page. You can also do this with Google Calendar. This is not difficult – also point and click.

Encourage Staff to Participate


They can be your great evangelists, and chances are they already belong to social networks like this. Encourage them to join and have their own profile. They’re ultimately free to say what they like, but offer some tactful suggestions of how they should comment – clean, friendly and avoiding abuse or negative references to the company.

Keep Track of Comments, New Members and other changes

Facebook now has “News Feeds” that allows you to automatically watch activity on your network. When you login to Facebook you will see an update of all of the actions your contacts have taken. And if someone adds a new photo album or replies to an event invitation, you’ll be notified.

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