Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are a good manual way of sales tracking your advertising

Tracking your sales is your metrics that you need to take notice of, and most business owners don’t have the time to do this or the resources to do this.

However if you are not keeping a track of how your sales and how your marketing dollars are spent and how much business you are getting, then you could be throwing away heaps of money that is not working or making more sales.

Counting the cash in the register and the eftpos sales, will only tell you how much money you got from your customers, but it is not profit, it is working dollars, and then needs to be used to pay for the many costs that occur when running a business.

Monitoring your sales is a good way to know where you are getting your customers from.

  • Are they walk-in’s,
  • word-of-mouth,
  • referrals,
  • did they see you online or
  • somewhere in a publication.

Tracking Your Sales Using a Spreadsheet

When you know where your customers come from, then you can use this method to attract more customers and grow your business.

Initially we used a sales tracking spreadsheet, as I wanted to know when I was advertising, the details of each campaign and sales tracking details.

I trained my staff to keep each voucher and attach it to a receipt, and these were calculated at the end of each day and the information added to the sales tracking spreadsheet. It was a very manual way of doing, and the accuracy was good, but there was always human error to be accounted for.

Vouchers with no receipts, vouchers not kept, incorrect calculations, etc, etc. But we got most of the information, and this was enough to be able to make decisions and negotiations for better prices or deals with the advertising companies. Many of them were unable to provide the return-on-investment for a sales campaign, and it was always guesswork. And I don’t like making business decisions on estimation or hopeful possibility.

So although the sales tracking spreadsheets were a valuable tool to my management role in the business, and it worked really well for us for several years, it was extremely time consuming, inputting data, manual errors, and was not a good use of my time.

This is where Maralytics was born. A sales tracking tool to reduce the time consuming manual aspects of tracking your sales

However, if you want to purchase a copy of this same spreadsheet, it is available from the [Business Manuals] section of Maralytics. Business Manuals Made Easy is a sister company to Maralytics. It is a great starting point, and a good way to view the information you need, but it is manual.

Maralytics will take all the inaccuracies, estimates and errors out of manually using a sales tracking spreadsheet. It is aso free to try it out.

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