Restaurant Marketing Plan

Having a marketing plan in your restaurant is really important, as it gives you’re the roadmap of the activities that you want to do over a period of time.

By having a marketing plan, you can map out all the different campaigns and promotions that you are wanting to do; and make sure that they are activated in a sequential order or simultaneously with other activities.

The easiest way to get started on creating a marketing plan is to list out everything that you are currently doing, and adding to the list, all that you want to do in the future.

When you have created the list, you can then have them added to a spreadsheet or a table, so you can see how long each one is active for.

You will find that some activities are continuously ongoing, and others are for a shorter period of time.

Once you have the timeline for each promotion, it is much easier to group them in sections, so that it is clearer for you to see how much time you will need to work on each one.

The promotions that are continuous, usually require some set up costs or additional time, and when you know this, you can schedule this into your weekly calendar and budget.

These may include regular Facebook/Instagram posts, newspaper advertising, sponsorships, coupons, etc

The promotions that are for a shorter period of time, may need more attention to detail and more of your time to make sure that they are correctly activated. Examples of these are competitions, business card draws, special events, etc.

It is also good to mix online and offline marketing, so that you get a range of customers from different channels, as there are many ways that they could find you, and ways that you were not expecting.

When you are preparing your marketing plan, you will need to make sure that you are very clear on your business objectives and marketing objectives. Are you promoting to get more people in your store, a community awareness or brand recognition. Having clear objectives will make it much easier to prepare where, when and how you want to advertise your restaurant.

One of the most common restaurant marketing objectives is to get more customers in our store and increase the sales of the business. When we get more customers spending money, it is good to know what offer are you using to attract more clientele, and if it is enticing enough to get them to come in and purchase.

Once you have all of your information prepared into your marketing plan, the next step is to implement the activities when they are required. Using a calendar schedule is good to keep you on track and for future reminders of when one of your plans needs to be started.

At this stage, communicating with your staff is imperative. They need to be advised of the different types of advertising, and be trained on the requirements of the campaign. Don’t let all the hard work and money of setting up and implementing your plans be foiled by your team that don’t know anything.

Lastly, when everything is going smoothly, is knowing your results. Are you getting all the Return-On-Investment details for each campaign and activity? I used to do this manually in my restaurant for many years, and it had an approximate rate of 95% accuracy, as there was always human error involved. Now with technology, this error can be eliminated with Maralytics, an advertising marketing analytics software program that will give you all the different types of results for sales, customers, ROI, costs, so that you can easily see your results.

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