Marketing For Restaurants

Are you confused about all the expensive marketing options that is needed to promote your restaurant business?

There are so many different ways of marketing your restaurant that it is really difficult to know where to start.

When I was operating my restaurant, I looked at marketing with two different options – online and offline promotions. And I made sure that I was active in both areas so that customers could have options from whichever way they viewed the business.

It is difficult to know where your customers come from and how they found out about you, but if you start to find out these details, then it makes it much easier to target your marketing and have more customers coming into your business.

There are two different types of marketing and both are equally important!

There is Online Marketing and Offline marketing and customers can find you from lots of different methods. eg: social media vs word of mouth

  • Online marketing: 
    Online Marketing consists of social media, articles, email marketing, paid advertising, backlinks and associated search platforms. So there are quite a few different options for the online world. This all is anchored to the website which connects all the different areas of the online world. By focusing on one platform, you are only promoting to one type of customer and completely missing out on many others that don’t use that platform. However by promoting online, it is a more targeted and focused approach.
  • Offline marketing: 
    Offline marketing consists of newspapers, flyers, newsletters, supermarket vouchers, coupon brochures, competitions, sponsorships and many other options. These are the traditional methods of advertising that actually still work, but are more expensive and have a more scattergun approach.

    So when you are wanting to promote the restaurant, there are paid and free ways of advertising the business, and it is really good to have a mixture of both.

Getting your offer right is an important requirement when doing paid advertising.

I remember when I first started I ran two different campaigns with two different supermarkets, so that I could exact comparison of which offer was the better one to run with. The first one was a Buy One Get One Free Coffee, and this was very successful with over 400 vouchers redeemed on a monthly basis. The second campaign was a 20% Discount off Lunch Meal, and this was not as good with only 30 vouchers redeemed on a monthly basis. So it was easy to see which one was more successful and what offer was most to attract customers into the store.

I then also did many comparison campaigns with using the same offer of Buy One Get One Free and continued to advertise this with the supermarkets, but then went on to go into several of the local newspapers, shopping centre newsletters and coupon campaigns. It was really interesting to see how the sales staff can promise so much exposure for the business by paying for advertising, but in reality with the comparisons, you could actually see what the results were for each of these streams.

It is only when you start to track the results of any advertising or promoting of the restaurant, that you can actually really know what is going on. Data provides the story of the what has happened. And when you have knowledge and information, then it is much easier to make decisions about what has worked/not worked, and how to plan for getting the most profitable results.

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