Marketing Campaign Metrics

Are you tracking your marketing campaign metrics?

When I was running my restaurant, I always knew it was very important to know what the marketing campaign metrics were for all the advertising that I did. I didn’t have much experience with collection of data or the information that would be needed, so my first year had a good range of information, but not enough to get the ROI for the marketing metrics.

During this time I kept a spreadsheet of all advertising activity, but when I got a business coach, I then got into the detailed metrics of marketing and the value of the ROI’s, and found a way that I could track all the sales information for all the advertising I was doing.

By keeping details on the types of campaigns, details of the campaign, costs of the campaign, I could use this information with the sales to see what the ROI was for each marketing campaign.

The POS system I originally started with in my first restaurant, was good at sales reporting, but was unable to be programmed to give me the marketing metrics.

This was a cause of great frustration, as I knew what information needed to be collected, but the hardware POS that I was using, wasn’t able to be programmed to do it as the system was basic and wouldn’t be able to support additional information to be programmed.

When I upgraded to an app version of POS system in my second restaurant, I researched all the available products that were available on the market, and was pleasantly surprised at how much technology had advanced in this industry that were available as an app to use on a tablet.

As there were so many addon programs available to be linked with the app POS, I assumed that there would be something that I could addon to track all my advertising campaigns. I didn’t look into great detail, as there were many other components of the business that needed my attention, so it went on the ‘to do list’ until I was in a position to go ahead with the marketing plan.

When I was ready to implement all the marketing strategy and advertising campaigns, I was disappointed to find that technology was not as up to date as I wanted, and I still had to use my manual version of spreadsheets and collecting vouchers with receipts to track all my marketing metrics.

This is when I decided that I would be the person to do this, developed an advertising tracking program to provide all the marketing campaign metrics, and now we have Maralytics available.

Maralytics provides a multitude of reports on many types of metrics that you want or need for an advertising campaign or multiple campaigns.

It can give you selected date ranges, single or multiple campaign data, multiple dates ranges for single or multiple advertising, reports for date ranges for single customer ROI, sales ROI, and probably as many different variations that you could think of, and are all downloadable into a file to keep if needed.

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