Data collection

Data collection- passive and active data collection

Data Collection

Your POS data directly affects how you handle your business’ inventory system. If you know what your customers prefer to purchase from your establishment, then you can plan on what to sell them. Run your business more efficiently by knowing which of your products and services are popular (or not popular), thereby being able to maintain an adequate, profitable inventory. Two different types of data collection include:

  1. Passive data collection. Your customers do not need to do any particular action. Your POS or your website will simply keep a record of their transactions, such as what items were purchased, the time and the location of the sale, etc. These constitute forming historical data and can form patterns or preferences in their buying behaviour.


  1. Active data collection. Your customers perform an action that surveys using any forms that require them to register their information, are some examples. While you may be asking your customers for their information, it is best to avoid asking for too much, as they may interpret it as a form of intrusion. It is more of a risk on your part and it may turn your customers away.
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