Best Restaurant Vouchers

What is the best restaurant voucher offer to advertise in your restaurant?

Discounts or freebies? How do you know which offer will bring in more customers and get them to spend more money?

Advertising your restaurant in the many different areas of the marketing world can be difficult to know what is the best voucher or offer to get more people into your restaurant.

There are so many different options available to use:

  • Buy one get one free
  • 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% discount
  • Buy a product and get a complimentary item free
  • Freebies
  • Reduced prices

And what works in one restaurant, may not be suitable for your venue, or customers may tend to like some offers more than others.

Which marketing offer you choose is also dependent on where your customers are from and what they look at.

Many of my customers used the supermarket and newspaper vouchers, as we had an older clientele and price conscious customers, so these were the places they saw the vouchers and would use them to come into our restaurant.

I constantly tried Facebook, Twitter (Instagram was launched at this time), and there was no activity at all from promotions, yet there was a lot of activity by customers on these sites. So a lot of effort for very little return.

I also tried different offers with the different supermarket chains, to test and measure the offers to see what customers would use more. The ‘buy one get on free coffee’ had 10 times more redemptions than a ‘2nd meal at half price’. But it was only after running these campaigns for several months and tracking all the information, that I could exactly see what the returns were for each type of campaign.

When first starting with these offers, I discovered that the sales reps for many of these companies will try to sell you what is the easiest for them, or whatever else your competitors are doing too, as they say this is what works and has been proven.

Advertising companies have no way of knowing how many customers or how much money you get in your business from any of the promotions that you do, it is all guesswork.

Having good procedures in the business with operations, staff management and financial manuals, made it easier to run the restaurant proactively and not reactively, and many of these can be found on the Business Manuals Made Easy site for purchase.

The financial analytics of all marketing and advertising activities has been made easier and more effective with Maralytics, a marketing analytics software program that automates all the data directly from your point-of-sale system, into reports that is easy to understand and read.

You can make easier business decisions and negotiations for all types of advertising and marketing opportunities, when you know when to spend more money or pull out of any costly situations.

So look at competitions in your restaurant as a way of building your customer database, and you can market directly to them with very minimal cost or effort to have them returning regularly and spending money in your venue.

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