Benefits of analytics

How your marketing campaign will fare keeping track of past transactions, evaluate your current initiatives and formulating intelligent predictions.

Benefits of analytics


Aside from these, you will also want your analytics to incorporate the benefits of the following to guide how your marketing campaign will fare:


  1. Keeping track of past transactions – What worked last time? How many leads were generated from your previous marketing efforts?


  1. Evaluate your current initiatives – Which of your current marketing channels are best preferred by your customers?


  1. Formulating intelligent predictions – How can you influence future marketing campaigns with predictions that are based on your POS data? What steps can we take to ensure customer engagement and loyalty?


Assess your marketing efforts from the past, present, and into the future and see if you can formulate a roadmap. However, these insights will have no impact if no appropriate actions are taken to implement them. Marketing programs, by nature, are on a constant cycle of testing and improvements.

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