Apps For Restaurant Owners

Operating a restaurant requires a lot more technology than 20 years ago and there are lots of apps for restaurant owners designed to make operating your restaurant easier.

We have a lot more information that is easily accessible, and don’t need to wait, for example, for our financials to be prepared by the accountant once a year.

Devices and apps have entered every aspect of operations for a restaurant, and can make life a lot easier, once they have been set up and are work efficiently.

Communication is more effective, mistakes are reduced, customer complaints are a lot less, and you are able to see exactly what is happening in real time on your device.

The first main requirement is a device, usually an IPad or android tablet, and then having a good Wi-Fi service. An additional feature to protect your devices is a locked stand or hardcover, so they don’t go missing or get broken.

Apps cover lots of different areas of operations – accounting, analytics, loyalty, ordering, payments, point of sale, staff, and there are many different options within each of these areas. There is no ‘best app’; however you should be able to find one that is suitable for you and your business.

Accounting apps – these are for the financial reporting requirements of your business. Accountants will use the information to create you financial statements, profit and loss, BAS and PAYG reports and many other documents.

Popular accounting apps are MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks, Saasu, Freshbooks, Wave, Zoho books for receipt digitization, Shoeboxed and Receiptmate.

Analytics apps – these are for analysing any area of the business, and will give you data on that specific area and how effective it is operating. Maralytics is a marketing analytics app. Insight is a financial data analytics. Silverstar analyses unusual sales and inventory activity.

Loyalty apps will keep customer information and give them points and you can identify ways to keep them coming back. Good apps are Rewardle and Collect.

There are two types of ordering apps. First is well known and are a separate app businesses such as UberEats, MenuLog, Deliveroo. These apps are used as third party/joint venture, and a good compliment to your business to increase customer exposure. Second is an add-on app that you can increase your operations for your business and create an online ordering portal for your customers. These apps are Mobi2Go, Loke, Boppl and HeyYou.

Payment apps are the traditional register but now online as a point of sale. There are thousands of options at many different prices and features available. Kounta, Vend, TouchBistro, Toast, Revel, IdealPos and Cielo are some of the most POS apps on the market

Square and Albert are payment processors for card transactions.

Staff apps are the last category and these are great for rostering and managing your team. They are a good HR tool where you are able to communicate with staff, build better rosters, manage shifts, and have precise time tracking. They improve payroll accuracy and track employee hours for better workforce productivity. Deputy, Ento, Ximble, Tanda and Zenshifts are the top leaders in the market.

Apps have changed the way restaurants operate. They are easy to install and integrate into the business, and have become a valuable asset for management automation.

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