Track your marketing with Maralytics

Maralytic’s lets you see all your marketing campaigns in one place

How would you like to stop wasting money on advertising that doesn't work?



Marketing analytics made easy


Maralytics is a new innovative system that will make tracking your marketing and advertising ROI more efficient and effective.


Automated software that makes it easy to provide accurate results for sales revenue and customer acquisition.

Automated analytics


It is the only marketing tracking system that is automated.


One click and your results are captured to the Maralytics system and you can see the reports for all your advertising – sales, customers, advertising spend and return-on-investment details.

Customized reports


See your sales, customer acquisition and other statistics in a time period that you want.


Have access to valuable information allowing you to make better decisions for your advertising dollar.

Why use Maralytics?


By knowing the return-on-investment (ROI) of your marketing activities is the smartest way to make business decisions.


See which campaign you are actually getting customers and sales from, and how profitable your strategies are.

It is easy to use and simple to manage


Maralytics connects with Point-of-Sale systems for hospitality and retail businesses.

You get immediate access and can set up your first campaign within minutes.

Our Integration Partners

We integrate with many of the popular POS systems listed below.

And there are more new connections being added all the time.

However, if your system is not on the list, please contact us so we can create this connection for you and get you using the system.




Revel Systems


Toast POS

Touch Bistro

Square POS

Shopify POS

Lavu POS

NCR Silver


Ideal POS

Order Mate

Red Kat

Swift POS


H& L




Raptor POS


ICR Touch

Point One ePOS

The Good Till Company

Till Tech



Why waste time, money and effort?


There are many reasons why we waste money in advertising.

Maralytics is the solution to be more effective with the marketing of your business.

Watch these slides to see why you need to have marketing analytics in your business.

Reports at a glance

All the transactions for each advertising campaign are safely stored in the Maralytics system.


View reports on sales, customer acquisition, costs and profits for each promotion.


All reports can be customized to the time period that you want.




How to see a successful campaigns

By having access to accurate results, it is easy for you to see when a campaign is bringing customers into your business and making money.

Promotion month –  May

Total Customers – 602

Total Sales – $4834.24

Average Spend – $8.03

Cost of Campaign – $742.50

Cost Per Customer – $1.23

Profit Per Customer – $6.80



Campaign failures and getting rid of the duds

It is easy to see campaigns that don’t work, and are a complete failure and not bringing in customers.

Using the reports and discontinuing the campaign makes it an easy decision to make.

Promotion month – March

Total Customers – 1

Total Sales – $4.50

Average Spend – $4.50

Cost of Campaign – $220.00

Cost Per Customer – $220.00

Profit Per Customer – (-$215.50)




Great business decisions and negotiations


When you have all the relevant data about your advertising, then it is much easier to make decisions about continuing or ending any campaigns that you have running.


Report data is also good for advertising negotiations, so you can barter with your sales rep for better prices or longer durations, or whatever deals you want to make, as you have the information for proof of results.



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