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Maralytics enables businesses to better measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities.

  • TRACK any type of campaign – access results from traditional or digital channels, and get insights that tell you the entire ROI story for any type of activity.
  • HIGHLY flexible and wonderfully convenient – generate customised, tailor-made reports with one-click.  By using multiple formats, you can gain main insights that are just right for your business.
  • Works for any industry – includes retail, hospitality, entertainment, tourism, e-commerce and service-based businesses by seamlessly integrating with POS or accounting platforms.


  • Maralytics is a software platform that tracks, measures and reports on every type of marketing activity.
  • You can measure your sales, profit, ROI% costs, customer numbers for every campaign on one dashboard.
  • We also provide additional services to support planning, strategy, analysis and innovation to your marketing activities.


  • ROI – Return-on-investment – accurately measure what is the conversion for any activity
  • Sales – measure revenue and profit for every type of promotion
  • Customers – easily identify which campaigns bring more traffic and the average spend per sale

Want to see a demonstration?

This video shows you how Maralytics works and what you can do with it.

Play Video about Maralytics Demonstration

Not quite ready to track and measure your marketing.

We can help you get started with our special expo offer for all our visitors.

We will walk you through how to improve your business’s digital presence, different ways you can promote your business, create campaigns to reach and engage with new prospects, track & measure your activities, and analyse the results for improved optimisation.


Want to know what happens in these marketing coaching sessions?

Session 1 – we go through the report of your business’s digital presence and discuss how to streamline your brand online, as well as look at your marketing goals and the outcomes that you want to achieve.

Session 2 – we look at the different channels and opportunities specifically for your business to magnify your presence.

Session 3 – we streamline your activities into targeted campaigns with a deep dive into implementing these activities into your everyday schedule.

Session 4 – we do a software demonstration and set up your account with the campaigns you have implemented so we can start to track, measure and report on their outcomes.

Session 5 – we review your campaign activity, analyse the results, review and optimise your current promotions and discuss future activities.

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