How Maralytics began.

Here is the story of how Maralytics began.


We go back in time to 2008 and a cafe called Cafe Metzzo.


Café Metzzo was a 100-seat café located in a bustling shopping centre and was owned and operated by the Maralytics founder, Miriam Scott.

For over 5.5 years, the restaurant serviced the local community with delicious and tasty classical meals.
Everything was made from scratch, which made the restaurant very popular amongst the local clientele.

Their goal was to provide the most enjoyable experience for their customers.

Miriam Scott was struggling with multiple advertising campaigns to attract more customers to the business.

As a result, we could not see which campaigns worked and which ones were a waste of money.

We needed a way to measure and report on all marketing activities.

Maralytics was created due to frustration when operating Café Metzzo to track and measure all of their marketing activities.

At the time, the only way to track all of these marketing campaigns, was to do it manually.

Staff were trained to collect the vouchers and staple them to the matching receipts.
These were tallied up at the end of the day and added to a spreadsheet (the same one as in the templates ‘Tracking Template’).

At the end of the month, all of the columns were totalled, and these totals were added to several other spreadsheets for analysis.

This was the only way we could measure the results from all of our marketing campaigns, and was reasonably accurate but had a lot of human error due to sometimes not collecting the vouchers/receipts, mistakes in calculations, etc.

The technology was not available at the time of this business operating, as we spoke to our POS supplier and he said that the machine was not able to do what we wanted.

The next lease for Cafe Metzzo was not renewed, so Miriam went into the next business – Regale Restaurant & Bar was a 150-seat restaurant located in a hotel lobby.

Regale was struggling to attract customers and we tried multiple advertising campaigns to attract more
people to the business.

During the time of this business, Regale Restaurant, the technology advanced with POS app software and integration programs.

This is when Miriam went into research and development of the Maralytics software, and found that it was possible to build.

It has taken several years to build the software, and we have used all the spreadsheets from Cafe Metzzo and Regale Restaurant to test out the Maralytics software and make sure that it can process every marketing campaign that was used in this restaurant.

Maralytics provides accurate results, successful marketing strategies and ways to be more effective with future marketing spend.

Our goal is to maximise marketing spend and improve future results.

The important thing to remember is that Maralytics was built by a business operator, and it has been designed to make it easy to use, so business decisions can be made easily.

We hope you enjoyed our founders story, and wish you every success with using the program.