Every hospitality business employs staff. But not every business is good at managing staff as they have no human resource department or procedures in the business. It is a very challenging area, as every staff member is an individual, and some are fantastic and others will test every boundary that there is in the venue, and that causes a lot of stress for many managers and owners.

There are diploma courses that are available on Staff Management, but who wants to spend 6 months learning about it, when all a manager wants is something to make their life easier and less stressful.

Recruitment and induction of staff is the first place of the human resource cycle. We have many documents that cover all the requirements of this area in the business. It makes it so much easier if you can follow a checklist when wanting to get the best candidate in your team.

Workplace policies and procedures – how we want our staff to behave in the workplace and what we require of them for their work performance. This is so important as no customers wants to see their waitress chewing gum and playing on her phone when she should be bringing out your food, yuk!

All training, performance appraisals, media/digital communication forms, leave, uniform agreements are included, so this makes a manager’s job easier, as these documents have been created from a real restaurant business and tried/tester with hundreds of employees.

Written warnings, under-performance and reviews are included, as this is an area that can be a headache and major stress on what to do with those people that are not doing their job properly and the way you can legally manage these situations.

It can also be used as a training program

New supervisors and junior managers, or as a refresher for existing staff, you can have consistency for your business all the time, regardless of staff turnover or different managers working in the venue.

Your managers don’t need to be trained on how to use it, as it is a working document.

It is so much easier to have all staff documents in one folder

You have consistency for managing your staff and any situation, hiring, management and exit procedures.

As the manager/owner, you can go to the folder and check what has been done/or not done, and allocate documents to staff so that you have the busy periods are left to serving customers and making meals, and quiet periods are utilized doing tasks that need to keep the business clean and operating to high standard.

Start systemizing your business with one of the most important areas in hospitality – Staff Management Manual.

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