Having a café or restaurant has a lot of demands on managers and owners. There are so many different areas in the business that needs attention – food, suppliers, staff, customers, money, finance, marketing, administration, operations, maintenance and systems. So when do they ever have any time to set up parts of the business to make it flow more smoothly.

We have done that with our Maralytics "Business Manuals Made Easy" Operations Manual.

It has all the different types of checklists and procedures that you need in the general operations of running a food business.

This makes it so much easier to download this manual, rather than spending hours and hours typing it up yourself (if you know how to use a computer well).

All that needs to be done is to print it out and put into a folder, that simple.

Your staff don’t need to be trained on how to use it, as it is a working document.

When you purchase the manual, it will be emailed to you as a downloadable document.

Templates can be photocopied, filled out on a daily basis, and stored in a separate folder for management or council inspections. If the last copy has been used, then it is easily reprinted from your digital file.

You can keep this digital file in your business folders, so that you always have a copy of it. The manual can then be printed and put together in a folder. It includes information on best types of folder and how to put it together. I like to use plastic sleeves, as this keeps the pages nice and tidy, and easy removable for copying templates.

The instructions include how many plastic sleeves you would need to have for the manual, so there is no guesswork required. Some of the templates are best to be laminated for easier use, but that is up to you if you want to do this.

There is a contents page and all the pages are numbered, so it is easy to find any item that you may want to search for.

Included in the instructions, are what you need to add or do to have a complete manual, adding your food licence and food safety supervisor certificate into the manual, so you have everything in one folder, no longer needing to search in many different places to find all the documents you need when you get an unexpected health inspector drop into your business.

The templates are for kitchen and front of house operations and are for daily, weekly and general time periods.

It is so much easier to have staff follow a checklist, or go to an instruction procedure, so they know what to do on their shift without asking questions. As the manager/owner, you can go to the folder and check what has been done/or not done, and allocate tasks to staff so that the busy periods are left to serving customers and making meals, and quiet periods are utilized doing tasks that need to keep the business clean and operating to high standard.

Every business should have operation manuals, as this is the systems that help run the business automatically. Anyone in the business can look at them at any-time, and not ask questions from the bosses as interruptions. All the templates and instructional procedures have been tested in a real business and have been updated and edited over many years with many staff members input to have them be the best working documents that are easy to use.

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