Hospitality businesses that serve alcohol need to have a folder that contains all the information for their liquor licence requirements, so that it is available at anytime a licensing officer walks in.

Having a Liquor Licence Manual in your business is a good solution for all aspects of liquor compliancy.

There can be many problems that are involved with alcohol, so it is easier to know if your staff are up to date with the legal requirements of operating a licence.

Fines can go into the hundreds of thousands, and loss of reputation and closure of business is a common reality.

The Maralytics "Business Manuals Made Easy" Liquor Licence Manual is a complete manual that has everything included in it.

All that needs to be done is to print it out and put into a folder, that simple.

Your staff don’t need to be trained on how to use it, as it is a working document.

Templates can be photocopied, filled out on a daily basis, and stored in a separate folder for management or council inspections. If the last copy has been used, then it is easily reprinted from your digital file.

When you purchase the manual, it will be emailed to you as a downloadable document.

You can keep this digital file in your business folders, so that you always have a copy of it. The manual can then be printed and put together in a folder. It includes information on best types of folder and how to put it together. I like to use plastic sleeves, as this keeps the pages nice and tidy, and easy removable for copying templates.

The instructions include how many plastic sleeves you would need to have for the manual, so there is no guesswork required.

There is a contents page and all the pages are numbered, so it is easy to find any item that you may want to search for.

Included in the instructions, are what you need to add or do to have a complete manual, adding your liquor licence and RMLV/RSA certificates into the manual, so you have everything in one folder, no longer needing to search in many different places to find all the documents you need when you get an unexpected liquor licence inspector drop into your business.

There is also additional information that comes from the Responsible Service of Alcohol – SITHFAB001 course, so that if there are ever any questions about standard drinks or acceptable forms of identification questions are included to clarify this in any problematic situation.

A house policy for serving alcohol, which is a requirement for the licence, is included so that you don’t need to create, search or guess what is needed. It is included.

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