Having a Food Safety Program in your hospitality business is a good solution for all aspects of food compliancy.

The Food Safety Program Manual is a complete manual - it has everything included in it, including a Food Safety Awareness program, Food Safety Supervisor training, Australian Food Standards details, templates, instructions, and it easy to put together.

Templates can be photocopied, filled out on a daily basis, and stored in a separate folder for management or council inspections. If the last copy has been used, then it is easily reprinted from your digital file.

Our Maralytics "Business Manuals Made Easy" Food Safety Program has all aspects of food compliancy.

You can keep this digital file in your business folders, so that you always have a copy of it. The manual can then be printed and put together in a folder. It includes information on best types of folder and how to put it together. I like to use plastic sleeves, as this keeps the pages nice and tidy, and easy removable for copying templates.

Your staff don’t need to be trained on how to use it, as it is a working document.

Templates are exactly what is needed in your food business

This manual compliments the folder that you get from council when you get your food licence.

There is also a food business audit, so you can do a self-check to see if you have everything you need to make sure that you have everything properly done to run a business.

So this is not the same as what you get from your local council, as they are templates to help run your business.

This download is a Food Safety Program; that works with the council templates and is good to have for running your food business.

Every business should have operation manuals

Systems help run the business automatically. Anyone in the business can look at them at any-time, and not ask questions from the bosses as interruptions. It has all the information required by the Australian Food Standards so that your food business has all that it needs to be compliant.

Start systemizing your business with one of the most important areas in hospitality – Food Safety Program.

Running a hospitality business is busy work, there are so many things that an owner or manager need to react to on a minute-by-minute basis – customers, staff, operations, maintenance, suppliers, administration, finance, the list goes on and on.

Food safety is an important aspect of the business. Local council do yearly inspections of each venue, and if a customer makes a complaint, or there is customers sick/doctors/hospital, then the health inspectors will do spot inspections without warning.

Fines can go into the hundreds of thousands, and loss of reputation and closure of business is a common reality.

Local council provide food safety templates, but these are very basic documents that should be completed on a daily basis. These are not a food safety program

Our Food Safety Program includes the same documents, but so much more.

Food licences require a food safety supervisor and all the information and training for this qualification is in the manual.

The Food Safety Awareness program including Hierarchy of food safety control is documented and detailed in this manual

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