Brand Assets

Style Guidelines

When using our logo, please follow the rules listed below:

  • Do not change the colour
  • Have a good amount of clear space around the logo
  • Do not alter the logo or badge
  • Do not change the proportions
  • Do not manipulate or distort the logo


Brand Guidelines

At Maralytics, we don’t want you to use the Brand Assets in way which is likely to:

  • Cause confusion
  • Negatively impact on our reputation
  • Cause harm
  • Be considered illegal
  • Be misleading or deceiving

Maralytics is a registered entity that supports business owners to have statistics and analytical data for their marketing activities.

We don’t want you to do any of the following:

  • Copy Maralytics methodology or technology pathways
  • Use our name or any similar spellings/misspellings of our name, as part of a trademark, domain name, social media account or business page name
  • Alter any of our brand assets as per the required logos or style guidelines